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2018-10-19 NA HD

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Hunter Killer

Hunter Killer Film Sa Prevodom Besplatno Gledanje Captain Glass of the USS “Arkansas” discovers that a coup d’état is taking place in Russia, so he and his crew join an elite group working on the ground to prevent a war.

  • Kiadási dátum: 2018-10-19
  • Clasificación: 6
  • Termelés: Original Film / G-BASE / Millennium Films / Hunter Killer Productions / Hishow Entertainment / SprocketHeads / Tucker Tooley Entertainment / Relativity Media / Summit Premiere /
  • Műfaj: Action Thriller

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__So much potential, but still a disappointment__If you have nothing else to do and need to fill some time, this is an okay respite. But, don’t expect anything more than a *standard military action movie* with cliched dialogue, unreasonable scenarios, and mediocre acting. This movie could have been decent, if the producers and script-writers had only spent some time researching facts about how the military and special forces work IRL. Instead, they decided to throw reality to the wind and use fantasy & make-believe to create contrived conveniences to support a predictable storyline. I don’t mind when a movie asks me to suspend belief a little. But, this one asks us to leave all rational thinking at the door. It’s __just__ interesting enough that you’ll stay with it, mostly because you think it might get better. __Sadly, it doesn’t__.

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Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer

Filmski redatelj i tim iza. Hunter Killer

  • Donovan Marsh
  • George Wallace
  • Don Keith
  • Jamie Moss
  • Arne Schmidt
  • Ben Burt
    Assistant Director

Datum objavljivanja:
CN 2018-10-19

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Hunter Killer – Filmski filmovi i glumci

Hunter Killer

Gerard Butler
Captain Joe Glass
Hunter Killer

Gary Oldman
CJCS Charles Donnegan
Hunter Killer

Toby Stephens
Bill Beaman
Hunter Killer

RA John Fisk
Hunter Killer

Michael Nyqvist
Captain Andropov
Hunter Killer

Linda Cardellini
Jane Norquist

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